Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are almost there...

Okay Girls,
Can you believe it?? We are on week five already. That is the half way mark. I can't believe that we are almost "there" already.

I first must apologize for my lack of planning for last night. I hope that you were able to get something from our discussion and the video lesson. I just didn't have the time to put into my study last week that I should have. I hate it a lot for myself.... when you put little in... you get little out. BUT.. I really hate it for you ladies. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I am off to a better start this week. I do have to go back to work tomorrow and start another five 12's in a row... but I will try my best to not let you down again. :)

So have you started day one yet?? I found it to be a blessing. God is really teaching me a lot through this study... new things... even though I have done it before. God is so personal... he meets us right where we are and ministers to our current need. What an awesome God we have.

That biggest thing that I learned last night was about the eastern gate ... the only gate into the holy place... required you to go through the tribe of Judah... the only way to God's presence is through Jesus Christ... the Lion of Judah... from the line of Judah. Well... that was completely awesome to me. I stand in awe of God's brilliance. His plan from the beginning was perfect... and His word proves that. That about the cross traveling through the desert was spectacular too. It started with Jesus... and it ended with Jesus. He is the only way.

I hope that each one of us will remember Teri in our prayers. We want her to be able to be back with us soon. Please Lord, heal her eye.

Work hard this week... pray that I will be able to devote as much time to my lessons and work my schedule this weekend. I can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday.

Have a great time in Disney, Regina. We will miss you.



Regina said...

No way!!Did you need to apologize for anything. It was a great discussion last night. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I would have to say that I am definitely in AWE of God's sovereignty. His word is perfect and flawless. He leaves absolutely no room to think that there is any other way to have fellowship with Him than thru His Son Jesus Christ. One of the things that touched me the most last night is that He is VERY detail oriented. Sometimes I think, how can I worry Him with this trivial thing, or that trivial thing. But He cares about even the tiniest of details. We are not a bother to Him. He delights Himself in us, even to knowing every hair on our head. WOW, that is good stuff.

AND. . . as if that was not enough the explanation of Psalm 32:1-7 blew my socks off. We have to come to Him completely UNCOVERED with out deceit (honest, and real) so that He can COVER us. Anything that I hide my true self with is not a mask to God's eyes. He longs for me to come to Him just as I am, so that He can cover me with His righteousness and we can be reconciled. Can I just say. . . I LOVE HIM.

Well, I can't wait to see what He has to teach me this week. Please pray for us to have safe travel, and pray for me to not get behind while we are vacationing. I love you ladies. See you when I get back.

Keep an eye my blog and Phillip's blog. We want to try to post some pictures while we are at Disney.

May God Bless you all!!