Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are almost there...

Okay Girls,
Can you believe it?? We are on week five already. That is the half way mark. I can't believe that we are almost "there" already.

I first must apologize for my lack of planning for last night. I hope that you were able to get something from our discussion and the video lesson. I just didn't have the time to put into my study last week that I should have. I hate it a lot for myself.... when you put little in... you get little out. BUT.. I really hate it for you ladies. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I am off to a better start this week. I do have to go back to work tomorrow and start another five 12's in a row... but I will try my best to not let you down again. :)

So have you started day one yet?? I found it to be a blessing. God is really teaching me a lot through this study... new things... even though I have done it before. God is so personal... he meets us right where we are and ministers to our current need. What an awesome God we have.

That biggest thing that I learned last night was about the eastern gate ... the only gate into the holy place... required you to go through the tribe of Judah... the only way to God's presence is through Jesus Christ... the Lion of Judah... from the line of Judah. Well... that was completely awesome to me. I stand in awe of God's brilliance. His plan from the beginning was perfect... and His word proves that. That about the cross traveling through the desert was spectacular too. It started with Jesus... and it ended with Jesus. He is the only way.

I hope that each one of us will remember Teri in our prayers. We want her to be able to be back with us soon. Please Lord, heal her eye.

Work hard this week... pray that I will be able to devote as much time to my lessons and work my schedule this weekend. I can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday.

Have a great time in Disney, Regina. We will miss you.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

What A Time I Had On Day 3

I hope that I am not spoiling day 3 for anyone, but can I just say, that Me and My Lord had a time this morning with each other. It was awesome, and I love Him more today than yesterday!

If you want to hear about our time together you'll have to go to Trading Places on my blog. I hope you don't mind but I want to journal it there because it is "our" journey together Me and My Lord.

If you don't want Day 3 to be spoiled you can just wait until you've done it to visit.

I hope that all of you are having a special time too. Can't wait to see you Tuesday. I think that we will have to get right to going over our homework. If He is doing in your life what He is doing in mine we will have ALOT to talk about.

Love ya,

Friday, June 6, 2008

Check out what blessed my heart today.

The Ransom Money

I'm praying that all of you are having a time with your Lord.

I Love you all,

Gold, Gold, and more Gold...

Okay ladies... just pretend that you can see me doing a praise dance right now!! I am on day two... p58. This statement has floored me and encouragement me.

We offer God something more precious than gold when we joyfully lay our sufferings on His alter and agree to be purified by the flames that threaten to comsume us.

Okay... you know that I have got me some sufferings right now. God is my consuming fire. When fires threaten to comsume me ( and they are)... God is using the fire to test me... so that I will come forth as gold and so that my faith my be proved genuine. Do you remember what the first thing on the list of freewill offerings is?? GOLD!! Ladies, I have got me some gold to put on His alter. Oh, I pray that He will find my faith genuine.

Now that is some good stuff. I needed that today. God is so worthy of your praise... Have you given Him any praise today?? Let's just dance ladies!!

I love you all more than you could know.

Yikes... I am behind

Okay... I am sure that you girls are going to find this amuzing... but I am behind on my studies. I started on time... Day One on Monday. But... have you started that yet?? Those questions at the end of Day One are really getting me. I pondered them during my quiet time on Monday. I just couldn't come up with something for each part. So... I got up and folded laundry and pondered them. I loaded the dishwasher and pondered them. I swept the floor and pondered them.... Nothing yet.

Maybe I won't have an answer for each one of them. But... I want to be sure that I don't miss something that God is trying to say to me. So... I have continued to ponder them.

I started on Day Two... but Anna needed me too much once she woke up. Praise God, she is finally feeling better now.

So... here it is on Friday morning and I still have lots of work to do. I have to work all weekend... a total of five 12 hour shifts in a row.... Please pray that I will make the time to finish up.

So... what did you guys think of last week?? I think that I talked enough on Tuesday night to let you know that I had a real change of view on life last week. God is doing such a work in my heart ladies... it is almost unexplainable. God has taught me so much through the manna and the old appetites in last weeks lessons. He wants us to trust Him on a daily basis. For that day.... He supplies exactly what we need for that day... each morning. It is directly proportional to our need. How awesome is that??

Well... I am off to ponder my freewill offerings some more... or maybe it is the lack of my freewill offerings.

Have a great week in God's Word. Work hard, listen carefully, and I will see you on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Girls, I so want to blog about last night!! I loved it. You girls are such a blessing to me...

BUT... my little one is still sick and she will not let me out of the rocking chair for more than a few minutes at a time. I have to admit... I love being in there with her too. You know she is my last until grandchildren.

So... maybe I can get back on later. Please let me know what you think of day one. I have been pondering over that last little bit for two days now. I know that God has something to say to me...


Monday, June 2, 2008

One more day to go...

Hey Girls,
I haven't heard much from you guys this week. I hope that you have been able to get into God's Word and get your home studies done.

God has really used this week's lessons to speak to me. I can't wait to hear what He has said to you girls. I have really been challenged to trust God in my situation. On day four... (I think that is the day that we looked at the manna in the mornings) I realized that every morning God has set aside just the right amount of grace and mercy that I will need to make it through my day. Not too much... and not too little. I wonder how many times I have stayed in my tent and starved to death when His grace and mercy were waiting right outside my door. God's provisions are enough to get me through each day. I do not need to worry about tomorrow... or next month for that matter. It is hard to say that.... I think that each one of you know my situation... but God has been screaming at me lately... everywhere I turn around.... TRUST ME!! He is so trustworthy.... why do I tend to trust Him so little?? I certainly cannot trust myself and my efforts. And the same with my husband and his efforts. God doesn't want us to depend on ourselves.... He is making it so that I have no other choice but to trust in Him for this. I hate it when I force Him to humble me because I refuse to humble myself.

I cannot wait until tomorrow night. You girls don't know how I long for you to get here. Hopefully all 5 of us will be able to be here.... I pray that all will be well and all obstacles will be moved out of the way. See you then.

I wanted to say that I am so glad to see that Leigh stepped out and blogged with us. Did you notice that you had a few comments on your post Leigh?? If not... go read them too.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Right on the Money...

Okay... I have "second thought" that title at least ten times, but I think that it is perfect.

Has this week been great?? Or is it just me that God is talking to?? Every single day so far... I have thought, "Okay, this is exactly what I needed". And I do mean "needed". I have had a week. If you haven't read my personal blog this week... it explains how it all started. I went to bed Sunday night having a hissy fit... and woke up on Monday morning still in the middle of it. During my quiet time God got a lot of it straightened out. AND, I mean He got my attitude straightened out.... not the problems that caused the hissy fit.

Day One really sent me into a tear fit. I sat there in absolute amazement that God was so honest and forthright with me.

Day Two spoke to my bitterness... and it was not pretty.

Day Three was completely amazing. Man, do I have some trouble with my old appetite. I for one, seem to want the best of both worlds most of the time.

Day Four... I am so longing for the morning but I am in a constant battle with the worries of tomorrow. I need to just gather for today.

If none of this makes any sense... I am so sorry. Sometimes when God and I have our own thing going... no one around me understands. OR maybe you just haven't done all of you work yet. Either way... I hope that you are having a GOD time with your homework this week.

I have so needed to hear all of this. I wonder if Beth realized that God was having her to re-do this study for this time in my life??

You know ladies... I love you so much. I am so glad that you are on this journey with me. I hope that God is speaking your language this week. I hope that He is meeting you where you are this week. He has certainly met with me.

He is such a personal God. He is such a powerful God. He is such a faithful God. He goes so far out of his way to teach me His truth. He is so much about His plan and my heart. It all goes back to where my heart is with Him. My world may fall apart... but my heart will not. He is there holding it together... and holding my face... making me look to Him. Not to the world. It can never deliver... much less deliver me.

Well... that is enough from me. Let me know what is going on with the rest of you this week. I will be praying for you. See you on Tuesday... And I absolutely cannot wait!!

My feelings are hurting!!

My first ever blog. . . .I am so excited!! I just finished Day 3 and boy, did Beth pull up some feelings and hurt them! I had confessed to Lynn a few days ago that I felt my stronghold was materialism and never being satisfied with what I have already been blessed with. WELL . . . . little did I know that Beth Moore had a bug in my car that night!! She talks about how the Isrealites can't see how blessed they are and what the Lord has done for them. All they can do is grumble and ask for more. And desire to be back in Egypt as slaves!! 1 Cor. 10:21 says we can't have it both ways! I have a nice home, a wonderful part-time job (that I prayed earnestly for!), 2 healthy wonderful children, a husband who works hard and supports us, one of those children is in private school, a new car, money to eat out with, do I need to go on? Don't get me wrong. . . .we are not rich by any means! My point is that God has given me so much to do so much and all I seem to do is look for the next new thing or a way to improve something. Lynn is the only one in the group who really knows me and most of you I haven't even met, so I hope my transparency is OK! I am already thankful for you all and am praying for you each day. Look forward to Tuesday!

"Lord, thank you showing yourself to me today through this study. I am truly grateful for all you have blessed me with. Continue to convict my heart and hold my feet to the fire to be a good steward and to never forget where it all originated from!"


Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Need a Fix

It is already Thursday, and I have not yet had time to do my homework this week. I tried this morning before work but I only had 20 minutes, so I did not get far at all. Let me just say. . . It is KILLING ME. I cannot wait til this afternoon. I WILL get started then. I may even do 2 days because I am needing it soooo bad.

Hope you all are enjoying your studies.

And Teri, I'm still praying for Rosie. I hope she is feeling better.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starting Week Two....

Hi Girls,

I don't have a whole lot of time... but I just had to drop in and update. Last night was a blast. I was afraid that we wouldn't have anything to share... and we would be finished up early. Well... that was not the case. There were just three of us, Mary, Regina, and me. ( or is it I??) BUT... we talked enough for the rest of you. We may still be talking if the other two had made it.

Man, God really spoke to us this past week during our times in His Word. There was something special on each day for us. We all came out of last week with a new awe and amazement for God and His plan. We are still on plan A. There is no plan B. His Word shows us that His plan has been perfect from the beginning.

Update for Rosie... I talked to Teri this morning. Rosie is still running a fever, still doubled over in pain, and still feeling horrible. She had a Cat Scan last night, but the results showed that her belly was normal. The didn't see an appendicitis. They thought that the pain was a side effect from a reaction to her antibiotic. The doctor changed the antibiotic... but things still aren't better. We need to continue to lift them up in prayer. Both Rosie, and her family. We all know how difficult it is to watch our children be in pain and feel so helpless to fix it. Get Well soon Rosie.

Anyway... please work hard this week on your homework. I know that it is tough... and we are all so busy, but God has so much to teach us and grow us if we will just stop long enough to listen to Him. Let me know what you are learning and connecting this week as y0u go. I can't wait to hear from you. AND... that means all of you. Yes, you too Teri, Mary, and Leigh. Get on in here and blog. It is not hard.


Hey Ladies, I thought you might like to check out this post that I read this morning about

The Ark of the Covenant.

I hope you have a great week with the Lord during your studies. I am praying for all of you.


Monday, May 26, 2008


Okay girls,

In less than 24 hours we will be together again. I cannot wait to listen to what all you have learning from God this week as you did your homework!! Was it as good as I said it would be?? I love it when God and I have our own thing going on my couch... and He is teaching ME through His word. Don't get me wrong... I love it when we are together watching our session for the week... and I know that I am going to love it when we share what we have learned.... BUT nothing beats just me and God. He is totally amazing!!

Look back over your stuff... think of at least one or two things that really spoke volumes to you, and be ready to share. I know that I will be ready!!

See you around 6pm.... unless you just can't wait and decide to come early.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How have I missed that??

Hey Girls,
You know how sometimes you read something and go... "how have I missed that before??" Well... that is what I was doing on Day Four when I made the connection between Abraham and Isaac (your only son, the one that you love...) and God's sacrifice of His only Son... the one that He loved. Well... what a test of faith for the man that God planned to use in a huge way.

I talked to Mary last night.... she was in the throws of doing her homework. The night before at the ball field while waiting on her husband's game to start... and last night she was home alone getting ready to plop onto the couch and get into it again. She sounded quite excited about the study. She mentioned the "tugs" that she feels on her heart to get into the study.... and how she can't wait to be with us on Tuesday... although she should really do something else about the airport thing.... Again.... the pursuit of God. Chasing us down... pulling us into a deeper relationship with Him. Awesome Huh??

Well... I have some things to do, like cleaning, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming etc..... and my sweet man just reminded me that I needed to get up and get in the shower. Bye for now....


Friday, May 23, 2008

Thoughts on Day 2

Lynn wants to know what I thought of Day 2. Well it was such a meaningful day that I posted about it on my blog. So you will have to go there to find out. Just click here.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Checking In

I am fixing to sit down and do day 2. I have tomorrow off, PRAISE THE LORD. When I get up in the morning I'll do day 3. I can't wait to hear what God has to say.

Hello Leigh. It's good to have you along for what Beth Moore said "was gonna be a ride." So buckle up. It's gonna be great.

Lynn, are you excited or what?? I can't tell. . . I mean you've only posted twice today. Ha Ha.

Well, I'm outta here I've got an appointment with the King.


Introducing.... Leigh

Guess what Girls... we have someone that is going to join us for our study. Her name is Leigh... she is one of my closest friends. Due to her son's ballgame next Tuesday night, she will not be joining us until the first week in June. I have already given her our link to the new blog.... so be sure to welcome her. She has the introduction DVD... her workbook... and she is working on getting caught up with us. She will have to watch Session One DVD on her own too... but she will be ready to be with us on Session Two.

Thanks girls for all of your hard work. You will grow!!



Girls, I don't know about you... but I am about to burst into flames from excitement. I have finished through Day Three... and it is AWESOME. Day One really got me started... Day 2 was challenging, and Day Three... well, it made me laugh out loud.

I can't wait until Tuesday for us to get back together to talk about the specifics. Remember to highlight the things that really made you go... "Whoa... that is awesome!!"

I love it when God makes me fall in love with His Word. Everything in His Word is intentional... it all goes together... it all points to something else... mainly Man's Sin, God's Love, and God's solution to our problem. Everything in there means SOMETHING.... and then SOMETHING ELSE. I am awed everytime I really get in there and study. AND... no Teri.... it doesn't just pop into my head all by itself.

Let me know what you are thinking as the week goes by....

From the Mouth of Teri....

This is an email that I received from Teri. Just had to share it with the rest of you.

Oh my goodness...just got it , just hit it, just put it all together...had to keep from shouting are testing!!!!
God walked with Adam & Eve in the Garden, but then they hid when they sinned...his footprints...walking asking where are you.
They fell from his grace. He gave it a second try with the tabernacle, so he could dwell/walk with humans/ people again. He gave us another shot...he was pursuing us...going after us. we never asked for a second chance...HE PURSUED US!
WOW...deep...I wish you were here right now!!!!!!!!!!!

God's desire to have a relationship with man just astounds me. He beats all I have ever seen or imagined. Praise His Name.


To Be Pursued. . .

Here are the dictionary definitions of the word PURSUE:
  1. to follow in order to overtake, capture, or kill; chase
  2. to proceed along, follow, or continue with (a specified course, action, plan, etc.)
  3. to try to find, get, win, etc.; strive for; seek after to pursue success
  4. to have as one's occupation, profession, or study; devote oneself to
  5. to continue to annoy or distress; hound

I would have to say that all of the above applies to my God's pursuit of me. He captured me and overtook my heart. He desires to kill "me" because I must decrease and He must increase. He has chased me when I have run from Him. No matter where I go He is always there continuing to carry out His plans for me. He desires to find me and win me to Himself. He will succeed at it. He makes it His business to devote Himself to me. I know~ that I know ~ I am His child because when I am out of His will, He hounds me, until I get it right and return to fellowship with Him.

As I go through my days, I have not made a habit of pondering His pursuit of me. Instead, I think I live in a state of self condemnation, not thinking that He would pursue me like He did Adam & Eve. . . before and "after" they sinned. As I think about it, I think that it must not be God's will for me to continue living like that, rather I think He would have me to dwell on the awesomeness of His pursuit, and to live in the awe of it.

Who am I, that He would even concern Himself with me. Or better yet. . . who is He?

Lord, open my mind (and heart) so that I may understand.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And We're Off.....

Hey Girls,
I enjoyed last night so much!! I cannot wait until next week to hear what God has shown you through the week.

I hope that you get a chance to work through Day One sometime today. It is really good.

Last night I got to thinking about how awesome it is that God pursues us. When I get that feeling in my heart that I want to go and read my Bible... or when I long to see ya'll on Tuesday nights so that we can get into our Bible study... or when I feel a longing in my heart to know Him more.... It is really God pursuing me... not me pursuing God. After all I've done... after all I have said to others, after all I have thought in my mind, after all the times that I have turned away from His Way and gone my way.... He is still pursuing me. The same for you girls too. God is so faithful. He never changes. The Bible tells us that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That is comforting to know.

Let me know what you think after you work through day one. You can either post it in a comment (click comment below) or you can log in and write your own post. I will send you an email telling you how to author a post. It is easy.

Have a great Wednesday. I am praying for each one of you. Thanks so much for being such a blessing to me.