Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starting Week Two....

Hi Girls,

I don't have a whole lot of time... but I just had to drop in and update. Last night was a blast. I was afraid that we wouldn't have anything to share... and we would be finished up early. Well... that was not the case. There were just three of us, Mary, Regina, and me. ( or is it I??) BUT... we talked enough for the rest of you. We may still be talking if the other two had made it.

Man, God really spoke to us this past week during our times in His Word. There was something special on each day for us. We all came out of last week with a new awe and amazement for God and His plan. We are still on plan A. There is no plan B. His Word shows us that His plan has been perfect from the beginning.

Update for Rosie... I talked to Teri this morning. Rosie is still running a fever, still doubled over in pain, and still feeling horrible. She had a Cat Scan last night, but the results showed that her belly was normal. The didn't see an appendicitis. They thought that the pain was a side effect from a reaction to her antibiotic. The doctor changed the antibiotic... but things still aren't better. We need to continue to lift them up in prayer. Both Rosie, and her family. We all know how difficult it is to watch our children be in pain and feel so helpless to fix it. Get Well soon Rosie.

Anyway... please work hard this week on your homework. I know that it is tough... and we are all so busy, but God has so much to teach us and grow us if we will just stop long enough to listen to Him. Let me know what you are learning and connecting this week as y0u go. I can't wait to hear from you. AND... that means all of you. Yes, you too Teri, Mary, and Leigh. Get on in here and blog. It is not hard.