Friday, May 30, 2008

My feelings are hurting!!

My first ever blog. . . .I am so excited!! I just finished Day 3 and boy, did Beth pull up some feelings and hurt them! I had confessed to Lynn a few days ago that I felt my stronghold was materialism and never being satisfied with what I have already been blessed with. WELL . . . . little did I know that Beth Moore had a bug in my car that night!! She talks about how the Isrealites can't see how blessed they are and what the Lord has done for them. All they can do is grumble and ask for more. And desire to be back in Egypt as slaves!! 1 Cor. 10:21 says we can't have it both ways! I have a nice home, a wonderful part-time job (that I prayed earnestly for!), 2 healthy wonderful children, a husband who works hard and supports us, one of those children is in private school, a new car, money to eat out with, do I need to go on? Don't get me wrong. . . .we are not rich by any means! My point is that God has given me so much to do so much and all I seem to do is look for the next new thing or a way to improve something. Lynn is the only one in the group who really knows me and most of you I haven't even met, so I hope my transparency is OK! I am already thankful for you all and am praying for you each day. Look forward to Tuesday!

"Lord, thank you showing yourself to me today through this study. I am truly grateful for all you have blessed me with. Continue to convict my heart and hold my feet to the fire to be a good steward and to never forget where it all originated from!"



Tuesday Friends... said...

Girl... I can see slap through you!! AND... that is what I love about you.

I can't wait til you join us on Tuesday night.

Regina said...

Hey Leigh, thanks for posting. Lynn and I were starting to feel like lone rangers here.

I think my new motto is going to be:
If you can't be transparent. . .stay home!

Do you think that's too harsh? Maybe it is, but I'm ready to be real.

And I loved your very 1st post. You are not much different from the rest of us. I blogged about the very same thing a few days ago it was called "be careful what you ask for. . ."

I think if we were all more real we'd discover that we aren't very different at all and that no one's really got it all together.

See you Tuesday, I can't wait to meet you.