Friday, May 30, 2008

Right on the Money...

Okay... I have "second thought" that title at least ten times, but I think that it is perfect.

Has this week been great?? Or is it just me that God is talking to?? Every single day so far... I have thought, "Okay, this is exactly what I needed". And I do mean "needed". I have had a week. If you haven't read my personal blog this week... it explains how it all started. I went to bed Sunday night having a hissy fit... and woke up on Monday morning still in the middle of it. During my quiet time God got a lot of it straightened out. AND, I mean He got my attitude straightened out.... not the problems that caused the hissy fit.

Day One really sent me into a tear fit. I sat there in absolute amazement that God was so honest and forthright with me.

Day Two spoke to my bitterness... and it was not pretty.

Day Three was completely amazing. Man, do I have some trouble with my old appetite. I for one, seem to want the best of both worlds most of the time.

Day Four... I am so longing for the morning but I am in a constant battle with the worries of tomorrow. I need to just gather for today.

If none of this makes any sense... I am so sorry. Sometimes when God and I have our own thing going... no one around me understands. OR maybe you just haven't done all of you work yet. Either way... I hope that you are having a GOD time with your homework this week.

I have so needed to hear all of this. I wonder if Beth realized that God was having her to re-do this study for this time in my life??

You know ladies... I love you so much. I am so glad that you are on this journey with me. I hope that God is speaking your language this week. I hope that He is meeting you where you are this week. He has certainly met with me.

He is such a personal God. He is such a powerful God. He is such a faithful God. He goes so far out of his way to teach me His truth. He is so much about His plan and my heart. It all goes back to where my heart is with Him. My world may fall apart... but my heart will not. He is there holding it together... and holding my face... making me look to Him. Not to the world. It can never deliver... much less deliver me.

Well... that is enough from me. Let me know what is going on with the rest of you this week. I will be praying for you. See you on Tuesday... And I absolutely cannot wait!!


Regina said...

Gosh Girl, I'm surprised you have not done day 5 yet. Ha Ha.

Day 3 and probably 4 are going to happen tomorrow for me. I went on a field trip today with the 3rd grade to the State Museum. So I did not get to stay home and veg out on the word like I usually get to do. I got up this morning and did day 2 while the sun was coming up, and it has been a blessed day.